Elder Collin Gibby

Elder Collin Gibby
Our Missioanry Seattle Washigton

universal studios Oct. 2012

universal studios Oct. 2012
Universal Studios Oct. 2012



Aug 27, 2012

Collin's car he saved and bought...
Summer has come to an end :( The kids are all back in school. I actually am not excited. I love having my kids around, sleeping in, and going on family adventures. This is a monumental school year, Collin will be graduating this year ! I am not ready for him to graduate. It makes me sad our family life will never be the same. It is the last year we will all be together as a family! So we have planned a trip to Disneyland over fall break our last big vacation together as a family before Collin goes off to college and then his Mission. Not excited for this School year !
High Adventure Scout Camp August 2012
Camp Browning
                                         Collin and Parker Shooing at the shooting range.
                                            First and only time ever the Boys got to go to camp together with their Dad.
                                    The troop 124.  Mark is in the back row on the left in the Green.

Pioneer Trek July 2012 

                                                               The Gibby Family
                        (Left Front) Emily, Kennady, Ma Gibby, Alex, Zac, Caitlain, Mckenna, Bryan,
                        (Back)Trevor, Mitchell, &Pa Gibby.
Camp! We hiked a gruelling 32 miles in four days. Our ankles and legs were covered in dirt.It was hot .We were serinaded and sung to by our boys Alex, Zac,Trevor, and Bryan almost the whole time. They sung song after song enteraining us while pulling he hand carts. It was tough, but I would do it all over again no question. I know the Gibby family knows they can do hard things especially with faith. 

Jul 11, 2012

Perry canyon.....
July 2012
 Meg and I hiking up the road. It was a cool day. It sprinkled the whole time we were hiking. We came home a little damp. I think I would not mind a little rain on the trek as long as it was not at night. I have hiked in blazing sun and rain. I like rain better. Rain cools you down.
 Just keep on treking keep on moving down the road.........

At the end of the Perry canyon there is a really cool old mine at the end of the trail head. Mark is again loving taffy.

Mark and the kids at the entrance to the Old mine. Below is me, Beckee, with the kids at the entrance to the mine. We have had a really fun time together as a family preping ourselves for the Pioneer Trek. We (meaning Mark, Collin, and I) leave for the Trek one week from today. We are excited to finally be going, having six month a prep work involved. I hope we are ready spiritually and physically. It is going to be a grueling monumentous task to walk 28 miles with NO SHADE in four days. The theme for our trek is "..Have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong..." ETHER 12:27 I know we are all going to have times on this trek when we sttruggle. Remebering this theme will help us to remember we can rely on our heavenly father. We have walked, and walked prayed, and trained for months we now need to have faith in the lord for then after all we have done he will then make our weekness strong.

Collin and Meg....Collin found this old TV on our way back thought it made a good picture memento of our fun times we have had training for Trek.
Hiking up the Mountain!
Near our home.
 This is one steep hike up hill all the way Short, but brutal!  We found some shade rested and ate dinner than hiked back down!

Sariah and Mark enjoying taffy on the way down!

Jun 30, 2012

June flew by!

June went by to quickly summer is 1/3 over with :(
here are our june highlights.

                           Manti pageant with Mark's Family!
 We have been asked to be a Ma and A Pa for our stake pioneer trek. We have been training and getting ready. Mark and I have been walking and walking here we are walking up to the girls home in Mantua Utah.
 Me, Beckee, Hiking again in prep for the Trek with the young Men for mutal night and our bishop, who will be a trail boss on the trek.
 Introducing Ma and Pa Gibby Trek training with the stake!


Hiking again in Manti, Utah around the campground lake . Sariah and Cousin kelsey Walton.
Mark and I at the Salt Lake Temple for my cousin Ane Houser's wedding. It was nice to take a break from the hiking and training for the trek and spend a day with my mom's family. I love being around my family joyous day! Only 18 day left until the trek hope we are ready! The longest yet we have hiked is over 9 miles, but we weren't pulling a hand cart. Can we do 30 miles in less than 4 days!

Sariah the critter catcher!

Sariah nature girl and critter catcher!
Summer june 2012

 At our family reunion at a camp ground in Manti utah, Sariah caught a lizard a bull frog and little fishes. She caught her fishes with a stick  she attached a cup  to the end of it. Just look how much she just adores that little creature that just bit her cousin Desiree on the chin!

Sariah's cousins from left Desiree, Katie walton, Natalie, brother Parker, Joseph, and sister Meg all looking at Sariah's bull frog she is holding in her hand.

Sariah with (left) cousin Kelsey walton, Natalie, and Katie Watlon looking at the fish in the cup they just caught.

Apr 8, 2012

Happy Easter Easter 2012. I love taking the kids pictures at Easter time to see how much they have grown over the past year. Meg has the most noticable growth on her, but all of them are just going to have to be feed less so they will stop growing !
Mark and molly
The girls Sariah (ALMOST 10) and Meg 7
Collin Almost 17 the leader of the pack.
I love this pic it is Collin's personality shining through. Love the Hair.
My man Parker 13. A teenager at last.
Sariah my dear heart, emotional one!
Meg our spark that lights it all in the color she chooses of course.

Mar 3, 2012

First "real" snow fall of the season was in March this year. We had some snow this year but not much. Collin had fun learnig how to drive in the snow coming home from work the other night in a blizzard. It was good experiance for him. He made it home safe, and had fun he said sliding a little bit. My tulips are coming up and we had 6 inches of snow fall in todays. The kids Parker, neighbor Brady, Sariah, and Meg had fun buidling a snow man in the backyard. Check out that cool grass beard!
Parker has become quit the babysitter. He gets calls all the time from the neighbors to go babysit for them. He loves be able to save and have some money of his own to spend. Parker got glasses this week. We have to go pick them up on Monday.
Sariah and Meg have been accepted into a charter school in Perry. They will be starting Promontory next fall year. Sariah is excited. Her best girl friend will also be going as well. We hope Meg will be able to get more hands on experince and more help with her behavior problems. She is a lot like Collin we are sure she has ADD like him. It is sad to have your first grader visit the principles office!

meg turns 4 on Jan. 30th

meg turns 4 on Jan. 30th

This is what mark did for six weeks. Since he was not allowed to walk on it.

This is what mark did for six weeks. Since he was not allowed to walk on it.

Mark's leg from surgery due to car accident

Mark's leg from surgery due to car accident

more leg pics

more leg pics