Elder Collin Gibby

Elder Collin Gibby
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universal studios Oct. 2012

universal studios Oct. 2012
Universal Studios Oct. 2012



Nov 22, 2011

Collin James Gibby 16
I just love this picture of Collin sitting on the fireplace doing his homework while trying to stay warm. Collin is a great kid with a strong testimony of the Gospel. He is a hard worker and always gives 110% in what ever he is doing. It is a privelge to be his mother.
Annual Snow Party 2011
Every fall year when it is the first snow fall of the year, we celebrate with a snow party. We make some sort of Snow man treat to eat. This year we made giant Snowman, sugar cookies. We frosted them and decorated them to look like frosty the Snow man. Then we watch a movie and we eat our snow treat with hot Cocoa. My kids love this tradition we started when Collin was just a little kid. They can't wait to have the first snow fall to celebrate! I love making memories with them. These are the kinds of things they will remember as adults. I still remember every year at Christmas time when I was young kid, going to grandpa Houser's to decorate a tree in remembrance of my Great Grandma Nanny. Nanny loved Christmas so much she would leave her tree out all year long . At Grandpa Houser's all the great grandchildren would decorate a small tree to remember Nanny. Then we would make Christmas trains out of candy. I also remember every New Years Eve we would have a glorious party with homemade donuts Grandpa Houser made. I hope someday I can celebrate the first snow fall with my grandchildren, while my kids reminisce of the day the had theirs.
Halloween Pictures 2011
Collin was Merlin the Magician, Parker was Harry Potter, Sariah was an Indian , Meg a Princess. The kids had fun trunk or treating and going to visit Great Grandpa Houser, and Grandpa-ma Gibby. Sariah and Parker had all their candy gone in a day and a half! Meg was sharing with her siblings 5 days later.
Merlin and Morgana, Collin got to come to the Adult Gibby Halloween party this year. His first date ever! He had tons of fun he text simile faces to all his friends. It took him a lot of courage to ask a girl out. He had to over come is girl shyness, but he agrees it was worth it.
Mark and I had lot of fun portraying characters from American History. I was Sojourner Truth, and Mark was Abraham Lincoln. There is an actual picture of them together in the Library of Congress.

Oct 18, 2011

Carving Sariah's home grown Pumpkins
Oct. 2011
Sariah Begged to plant pumpkins this year in our garden. We have never been successful with pumkins. They just never grew big enough to produce. Since we now garden in planter boxes I decided to let her plant pumkins. Wow we had 13 pumkins this year! Sariah was so proud of her self cause she planted them all by herself. We carved a few of them last night, and invited some of the neighbors kids with us as well.
Meg's scary pumkin. She drew it ands I carved it for her.
Sariah and her "masacared Bloody" Pumkin.
Collin just had his wisdom teeth pulled two hours before we carved pumkins. The numbness was just starting to wear off. He was starting to hurt. What a trooper. He called his pumkin brain surgery! Maybe cause he jsut had Minor surgery himself. He went to school today loaded up on ibus. He didn't want to miss and have tons of makeup work. We did it Monday so he would be off work and have the rest of fall break to recoup.
Parker and his big eyed pumkin. I love the nose!
Hope everyone has a safe and Fun Halloween.

Aug 31, 2011

My oldest, Collin, is growing up. He got his first Job today at Maddox Ranch House as a dishwasher. He starts this Sat. Sept. 3. I remember when he was a baby coming home from the hospital, he was smaller than a loaf of bread in his daddy's arms. My how time is going too quickly. I only have a few years left before he flies the coop. Somewhere along the line, Mark and I got old.

Aug 30, 2011

Good By to Mrs. Piggy
We bought this cute sleek silver Nissan truck, about five years ago. Sadly she was put to rest this week when someone pulled in front of her in Willard Utah. The other guys insurance company declared Mrs. Piggy totaled. I am sure she will become a donor for her various parts living on in someone truck.
The kids got to say good bye to her one more time. She will be missed. She was a great little truck. We are grateful to her for keeping Mark safe and sacrificing herself on mark's behalf.

Aug 11, 2011

Lagoon 2011 We had a blast! We stayed all day right up until closing time. We got wet from riding the Rattle Snake Rapids and the log flume. Helping keep us cool. It was nice for all of us to be able to go on all the rides together. Meg was a trooper and went on all the big kid rides her only request was the Merry go round. The boys and all of us went on that ride with and for her. We Created Great family memories. Eating our traditional Ice cream from pioneer village.
Meg found a friend in line waiting to ride the bat.
This was meg's favorite ride. The Wild Mouse.
Parker enjoying his Ice cream!
Riding on the train.
We got stuck on the Sky Ride for 5 minutes until it finally started to move.
Waiting in line to go on the Jet star. Meg was able to ride it the first time. The second time we tried it as our last ride before we headed home that evening. The attendant told meg she was too short. She did not get to ride it the second time. Meg was border line tall enough. It could have been dark and she just decided she was too short or she was ornery after a long day at work. Who knows. Meg was upset and didn't understand. Mark took her to ride the Odysea instead. It made a sour note to a fun day. It was the only ride in all of lagoon they told her no. Which tells me the lady may have been wrong!

Jul 29, 2011

The perils of having a teenagers! I would Have to put drivivng at the top of my list. Collin got his learner permit to drive this week. I must say it is scary giving the keys over to your teenager to drive a massive, larger than life machine that could kill maim or cause destructive damage. Did I mention I get butterflies every time I get in the car with him. I am gripping the dummy bar as hard as I can while praying as he tires to back out of the drive way and we are not even on the road yet! Actually he is learning quite well. Every time he drives he gets a little better. It is just me the mom, but just to let you know my son is driving. Do you know where I can buy a tank?

Jul 11, 2011

Collin's 16th Birthday May 15
I am a little late in posting these but better late than never. I can not believe Collin is 16. My time goes to quickly. He was so excited to open his main gift his very own cell phone! It was not his own car, but little cousin katie walton took care of that and gave collin a couple of her brother matthew's Hot Wheel Cars (I do not think Matthew new he even gave them to collin.) Collin had a great laugh at Katie's "generosity" Oh and Matthew's too. Collin also got a great laugh for Aunt Chelsea Grange. She had to wrap her gift for Collin in the infamous "CORN DOG BOX"
Collin is looking into the bag and realizing this was his cell phone. He rarley smiles for the camera. I was excited to capture this moment on film.

Jun 20, 2011

"Toads" with Mark's Family June 9, 2011
Meg is having fun watching the others take their turn on the go carts. We had a fun day with Scott's Family, Dale's Family, Grandpa and Grandma Grange playing Miniature Golf, Go cats and the Arcade. Sheri and Amber Gibby in the blue car. Scott and Alex Gibby in the Green car.
Sariah had a fun time driving the Go cart all by her self. She was a slow but steady driver. She never turned her self backward and had to raise her hand for help. I was impressed at how well she did.
Parker and collin had a race going on! They crashed a few times with uncle Dale. Loving every minute of it.
Meg and Beckee Gibby in the blue car. Dale and Megan Gibby in the red car. They drove a little different than the real deal you had to be careful not to turn to sharp or you would end up backwards.

Jun 18, 2011

Gibby Family Camp out June 2011 It is a very rare opportinity to have all of marks family together. We were excited to learn all of them could make it for the yearly family camp out. We went to Big Springs camp ground near Lava Hot Springs in Idaho. Picture of Mark and all five of his Siblings with mom and dad ( bottom) from left to right Bryan, Mark, Dale, Darren, Kristen, Scott. Oddly enough they put themselves in birth order.

It was so cold up there. At first it was sunny and nice. That lasted about an hour before the rain clouds became our contast companion. We began to paint our family shirts as the wind started blowing. It was almost imposible to paint in the wind.

Sariah found snow with molly, that was how cold it was the snow had not melted yet!
It was intersing trying to cook in the wind. The camp chef's kept going out. Dinner was mmm yummy if i do say so. (I cooked B.Q mixed meat, and cheesy hashbrowns) Some hid out in Bryan hauling trailer tell the wind and rain was barable.
The kids hid out in a trailer, scott brought, watching movies to stay warm.
We had one hour of luck without wind or poring rain. We were finally able to light a fire at the fire pit. We played minute to win it games. Like the Cookie game her. Parker is trying to inch his cookie across his face without using his hands to get into his mouth.
Here is Meg trying to get her cookie into her mouth.
We also sang songs and did skits. Our good weather did not last. Soon we were all hundled under the pavillion or in tralers again.
We ended up packing up the next day! It was to cold and rainy. Our two day camp became one day. We all went back to home my place for a warm sunny dinner.

Jun 16, 2011


Jun 13, 2011

Brigham Temple Construction
Brigham City Utah LDS (Mormon) Temple Construction Photographs We are so excited to have a temple here in Brigham. These are the recent pictures from the http://www.ldschurchtemples.com/ We subscribed through Lds.org to get frequent updates. Click on the top link. Enjoy!

meg turns 4 on Jan. 30th

meg turns 4 on Jan. 30th

This is what mark did for six weeks. Since he was not allowed to walk on it.

This is what mark did for six weeks. Since he was not allowed to walk on it.

Mark's leg from surgery due to car accident

Mark's leg from surgery due to car accident

more leg pics

more leg pics